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Sanitary Sewers and Pump Stations
Wastewater Treatment



Adamsville Pumping Station and 48-inch Water Main, City of Atlanta, Georgia

The water supply demand in South Fulton County is growing rapidly as a result of residential and commercial development. This City of Atlanta project serves to increase the transmission system capacity between the Chattahoochee Water Treatment Plant (CWTP) and the Adamsville Pumping Station (APS), and the pumping capacity at the booster pumping station. This project consisted of the design of approximately 30,300 lineal feet of a new 48 inch ductile iron water main between the CWTP and the APS, as well as additions to the 45 MGD APS.  The routing of the new water main runs along Bolton Road and Fulton Industrial Boulevard, crossing a number of major intersections and creeks, beneath a railroad bridge, under Interstates 20 and 285, and located within a Georgia Power easement. The Adamsville Pumping Station houses three split-case centrifugal booster pumps rated at 10, 15 and 20 mgd. A new 15 mgd pump is being added along with modifications and additions to the piping, electrical switchgear and controls. In addition, two discharge venturi meters at the Adamsville and Northside Pumping Stations are deteriorated and will be replaced with new units.

Tasks included: pump and pipeline design to increase pump station capacity at the Adamsville Pumping Station from 45 to 60 mgd. Services included routing analysis, field investigation to locate and identify utilities crossing proposed pipeline route and to identify other potential routing impediments, classification of roads intersecting proposed pipeline route as US or State routes, development of plans and specifications, cost estimating and scheduling, and establishment of horizontal and vertical alignment throughout with special considerations for jack & bore drilling, pipeline corrosion protection, valve appurtenances, and other constructability issues.


Asset Management of Water Treatment and Transmission Facilities, City of Atlanta, Georgia

This project included the assessment of the City’s water treatment and transmission facilities and the creation of an asset management database and implementation tool for the City of Atlanta, Bureau of Drinking Water. Plants included: Hemphill & Chattahoochee Water Treatment Plants, Chattahoochee Raw Water Intake & Pumping Station, Northside Pumping Station, Adamsville Pumping Station, Hartsfield Pumping Station, DuPress Booster Station, Sandy Springs Booster Station and Welcome All Road Booster Station. Task assignments included: inventory of all plant related assets, historical and replacement cost analysis, determinations of treatment plant and pump station annual operating costs (including costs for electrical power, chemicals and labor), establishment of asset refurbishment/replacement schedule based on criticality weighting factors and evaluations.  Total number of assets evaluated under these analyses exceeded 1,500.  In addition, plant operating and maintenance procedures, storehouse inventory practices, and safety procedures were evaluated and procedural improvement recommendations were provided to the Bureau in the form of a final report.


Miami-Dade Seaport Water Main Master Flow Meters Design, Miami-Dade County, Florida

This project included the preliminary design of two master flow meters to be installed on a 20 inch potable water distribution main line servicing the Port of Miami and Fisher Island. Engineering services included planning, site investigations, hydraulic analysis, route analysis and preliminary design. Potential meter locations were evaluated and identified taking into account existing site conditions, accessibility, security, availability of straight line segments of pipe upstream and downstream, and constructability. Evaluations were conducted on different types of flow measuring equipment to compare accuracy, reliability, constructability and cost. A design report was prepared that included pipeline configuration drawings, plan and profile sheets, cost estimates, vendor data sheets and a summary of findings and recommendations.


Hialeah Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation and Upgrade, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department, Miami, Florida.

A five (5) year program to rehabilitate and upgrade the treatment plant.

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