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Program Management Services for the Peoples Transportation Plan, Miami-Dade County Transit Department, Miami, Florida

Cardozo Engineering provides program management consulting services for the People’s Transportation Plan, a capital program to implement a broad range of transportation improvements in Miami-Dade County. Improvements under this plan include the construction of 89 miles of rapid transit, increasing the County’s bus fleet from 700 to 1,191 buses, various neighborhood improvement projects, and constructing major highway projects.


Cardozo Engineering staff has conducted traffic and utilization studies on major interstates and at the Miami International Airport, provided engineering services including ADA compliance services, project controls and contract administration.


Miami-Dade Public Works Department Master Consultant Contract, Miami, Florida

Miami-Dade’s Department of Public Works selected a team of consultants to assist with assessment, planning and implementation of system-wide infrastructure improvements. Cardozo Engineering staff also worked as an extension to the Public Works Department engineering staff.
Major activities included the inventory and assessment of the County’s infrastructure assets, development of a long-term comprehensive infrastructure plan which incorporated the activities of other infrastructure improvement programs (e.g., FEMA, QNIP), and development of a framework for implementing the plan. Specific activities included:

• Field inventory of county-wide infrastructure assets.
• Identification of planned FEMA and QNIP improvements, and interagency coordination
• Evaluation of assets and development of recommendations based on life-cycle analysis.
• Development of a comprehensive infrastructure plan, with prioritized recommendations.
Engineering assistance to the Department staff as an extension of staff in their strategic planning efforts.
• ADA Compliance review.
• Development of information management systems to facilitate planning, implementation and progress monitoring.
• Engineering and contract management support for street rehabilitation projects throughout the County. Determined rehabilitation work required, estimated costs involved, reviewed bid item quantities and budgets, assigned inspectors and prepared Work Orders, reviewed contractor invoices and processed requisition payments.


Traffic Calming Survey Project for City of Atlanta’s Public Schools, Atlanta, Georgia   

The City of Atlanta was concerned about the traffic and potential impacts on children at its elementary schools. Cardozo Engineering staff conducted a traffic calming survey to determine the effect of traffic on the schools and prepared a report document findings and recommendations for traffic calming improvements. Cardozo staff conducted field inspections, surveys, evaluated traffic calming measures and prepared a report.

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