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City of Atlanta’s Infrastructure Mapping Services Project, City of Atlanta, Georgia

The City of Atlanta’s stormwater drainage area is approximately 133.2 square miles, and includes more than 60,000 structures covering twelve (12) stormwater drainage basins.This project included developing a data gathering program and infrastructure mapping protocol and procedures for inventorying and documenting the location and condition of the City’s stormwater system assets. The scope included defining what is an asset, determining the ownership of each asset (publically owned and operated or private), developing a comprehensive listing of attributes to be collected for each asset, evaluating the techniques for inventory and assessment, and outlining the appropriate methodology for recording and reporting all acquired data in a consistent and uniform manner. Tasks also included evaluating and purchasing field equipment, training City crews and our project crews on the protocols and equipment.


Stormwater System Inventory, Condition Assessment and Hydraulic Analysis, City of Atlanta, Georgia

This project included the location, condition assessment, and mapping of storm water structures located within several major drainage basins, for the City of Atlanta. These basins included; South River, Peachtree Creek (North and South Sub-basins), West Peachtree Creek, Nancy Creek, Proctor Creek, Sugar Creek and Camp Creek.  Total number of structures evaluated exceeded 13,000. Tasks included: traditional surveying and mapping of stormwater structures, aerial mapping with digitized topography, creating an electronic inventory for GIS database, conducting stormwater structure condition assessments, preparing surveying and assessment data for GIS mapping, providing index, elevation, and complaint maps, providing QA/QC review, performing hydraulic analysis on portions of the existing stormwater sewer network, and preparing preliminary cost estimates for proposed upgrades to the network . Office staff supported field efforts with: documentation, preparing equipment for daily data collection, differentially correcting GPS sessions, and providing QA/QC review of GPS data to ensure accurate and complete field data is acquired, maintained, and updated for the entire stormwater utility system.


City-Wide Stormwater System Location Inventory for MS4 Permit Compliance, City of Atlanta, Georgia

The purpose of this project was to complete the inventory of the City’s stormwater structures that have not been previously mapped, where maps are no longer available, or where the existing maps are not available electronically. This data was converted into a GIS format for the City’s use and will enable the City to: 1) improve response time to customer calls regarding localized flooding or other concerns; 2) improve maintenance programs; 3) expand existing public information database; 4) assist in planning and forecasting; 5) manage and track assets; and, 6) satisfy MS-4 NPDES Permit Program requirements for initial inventory of structures.

Tasks included:
• Performing field surveys
• Scanning and Geo-referencing existing maps into GIS format for electronic mapping
• Developing a comprehensive GIS database


Miami-Dade Seaport Stormceptor Design and Construction Inspection and Stormwater NPDES Permit Compliance, Miami, Florida

This environmental services contract with the Miami-Dade Seaport included the engineering design and construction inspection of a 48" x 48" Stormceptor, and stormwater NPDES permit sampling, rainfall monitoring and reporting.
Specific activities included the following:
• Preparation of a preliminary design report containing pipeline configuration drawings, plan and profile sheets, cost estimates, vendor data sheets, summary of findings and recommendations.
• Rainfall monitoring and stormwater sampling to comply with NPDES permit conditions.

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